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Measurement LocationsSaucy's World uses computerized software to generate our apparel patterns thereby guaranteeing that all suits/styles fit the same for each size.

For those new to leotard purchasing, please be aware that gymnastics leotards DO NOT follow regular clothing sizes and are not easily determined by an athlete age or athlete height.

Leotards are close fitting garments that fit the body torso (like a one piece bathing suit), so correct measurements are the most important aspect of choosing the correct size. Measurements should be taken with a body suit or underwear on to ensure the correct size and proper fit. Please remember, do not measure over clothes!

1. Girth - This is the MOST important measurement to determine the correct size leotard.  It is taken from centre of the shoulder (where a bra strap would lie), down the front, through the crotch and up the back to the same spot making a loop around the torso of the body. The measuring tape should be snug, but not uncomfortably so. DO NOT take this measurement with street clothes on - it should be taken with an existing leotard on or while in underwear

2. Chest - Around the chest at the widest point, usually just under the underarms

3. Waist - Around the waist at the narrowest point

4. Hips - Around the widest part of the buttocks

The following additional measurements are only required if you are purchasing a long sleeved leotard.

5. Sleeve - from where a sleeve would start to where you want the sleeve to end

6. Bicep - this is around the widest part of the upper arm (between the shoulder and elbow)

7. Wrist - taken where you want the sleeve to end (at the wrist for full sleeve and forearm for a 3/4 length sleeve)

 If you have ANY questions on which size to purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us, toll free at 1-888-SAUCYS-1 (1-888-728-2971) and we will be glad to suggest the best suited size for your athlete's measurements.


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