"Thank you so much for the amazing customer service, you guys are awesome! Both my girls absolutely LOVE their new gymnastic leotards. Will definitely be back for more."
Raphaelle N., North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - May 2019

"Just wanted to say thank you - we ordered a leotard and shorts for my daughter from your website and she loves it. Speedy delivery. Fits great. And she's a happy gymnast. So wanted to say we are happy customers and will order again. Thank you!"
Amy L., Selywyn, Ontario, Canada - May 2019

"High quality fabrics. I highly recommend the custom sizing option - a leotard that fits well is not only important for comfort but for the confidence of the athlete. Prompt service and very friendly customer service. Highly recommend."
Justyna S., Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Osborne Academy of Acrobatics) - April 2019

"The girls absolutely LOVED these leo's! They were a big hit in St. Louis too. Thank you so much! We appreciate your quick turn around time and beautiful work."
Rebeka B., Eureka, Missouri, USA - March 2019

"I really appreciate the quick turnaround! Exceptional customer service!"
Shannon R., Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastics) - March 2019

"Someone was really excited to get her package this afternoon! The leo looks AWESOME and quality is great!!!! Thanks a lot!"
Marie-Lise C., Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (Lion's Pride Gymnastics) - March 2019

"I got the leotard and it fits perfectly! Thank you so much for your help :)"
Michelle S., Orleans, Ontario, Canada (Tumblers Gymnastics) - February 2019

"I have worked with [Saucy's World] for years and continue to receive quality service and sales. Very happy with our club gymsuits and continue to enjoy parterning for in-house and events sales. Thank you!!!"
Cameron O., Pickering, Ontario, Canada (Osborne Academy of Acrobatics) - January 2019

"We received our first order of competitive leotards with the sleeves, and they look great!! So glad we could make it work :). Thanks again!"
Veronique L., Orleans, Ontario, Canada (Tumblers Gymnastics) - December 2018

"Awesome thank you for everything you do for us. [She] loves your suits they are all her favourites. With her sensory issues it is hard to find suits she is comfortable in, they look amazing, they are high quality and fit her like a glove."
Melanie M., Orleans, Ontario, Canada (Tumblers Gymnastics) - November 2018

"Just wanted you to know that we received the shipment and the suits looks great as always. Thank you so much"
Beatrice B., Guelph, Ontario, Canada (Guelph Saultos Gymnastics) - October 2018

"OHHHH MYYYYY I love it!!!! Thank you again for the patience and working with us you guys are absolutely amazing!"
Kari P., Brampton, Ontario, Canada (Flower City Gymnastics) - October 2018

"Thanks for the help. The items I ordered (3 training leotards) fit great and my daughters LOVE them!"
Helen L., Markham, Ontario, Canada - September 2018

"Thanks! I really appreciate your business. Your leotards are sooo nice and my daughter is very enthusiastic about wearing them."
Lorenzo Z., Barbruce, Canouan, St. Vincent - September 2018

"Thank you very much for the [expedited shipping] - it arrived as promised and my daughter is over the moon on her birthday!"
Amy T., Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada - July 2018

"The suit was dropped off last night and my daughter LOVES it!!"
Susan B., Tottenham Ontario, Canada - June 2018

"Thank you so much for having the suit to me so quickly. It is very much appreciated as she is competing this weekend. Thank you for the great customer service! Now that we know the size and how easy your company is to deal with I will definitely be ordering more suits."
Lindsay D., Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (Sudbury Salto Gymnastics) - May 2018

"I would really like to thank you and anyone else involved for helping with her getting the suits you sent so quickly, I cannot explain the happiness that she felt during a time that has been very difficult for her, thank you!"
Karen Y., Cambridge, Ontario, Canada (Dynamo Gymnastics) - May 2018

"They love their [competitive] gymsuits!!! Fantastic job!"
Michael C., Kanata, Ontario, Canada (Rideau Gymnastics) - March 2018

"We just received the custom ordered suit we purchased from you last Saturday in Pickering. It fits PERFECTLY! Thank you so much for the personalized service and prompt delivery. My daughter loves it!!!"
Theresa G., Stittsville, Ontario, Canada (Rideau Gymnastics) - March 2018

"The suit fits amazing and looks really great. Thanks again for the quick response. I really appreciate it!"
Keith B., Alliston, Ontario, Canada (Alliston Gymnastics) - March 2018

"Thank you all. The suit arrived at our house the next day, and she LOVES it!"
Jacquie M., Orleans, Ontario, Canada (Tumblers Gymnastics) - February 2018

"We are very happy with our purchase. The information provided in your website on how to choose the right size is a huge help, truly enjoyed shopping online experience with you and very contented with the product, quality and fitting. Will definitely endorse and order again."
Aliyah A., Markham, Ontario, Canada (Markham Gymnastics Club) - January 2018

"Just wanted to confirm that we received the outfit and it is PERFECT on [athlete]. Many thanks!"
Sorana I., Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastics) - January 2018

"Thank you for getting the bodysuits to us on time! The girls are very happy now."
D'Anna M., Bancroft, Ontario, Canada (Bancroft Gems Gymnastics) - January 2018

"Just wanted to say thank you for [her] suit, training suits and grip bags - we received the shipment and it all looks awesome."
Beatrice B., Guelph, Ontario, Canada (Guelph Saultos) - December 2017

"We received our competitive suits the other day. Thank you very much, we really appreciate it."
Tyson R., Swan Valley, Manitoba, Canada (Swan Valley Cheetahs) - December 2017

"Brilliant thanks! Very pleased with your customer service and will be sure to place more orders in the future"
John Z., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - December 2017

"From what I’ve experienced so far, at least I can comment to you that your customer service is second to none."
Robyn R., Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada - August 2017

"Thank-you so much. You just made two little girls very happy!"
Rita A., Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada (Adrenaline Gymnastics) - August 2017

"We love your leotards and have bought many of them in the past (online and from your kiosks at events). Looking to order a few more online soon."
"Thanks for your prompt reply and for your great customer service. I just put through my order and can't wait to receive our new leos."

Colleen D., Brooklin, Ontario, Canada (Pickering Athletic Centre) - August 2017

"Great thanks. We will be sure to promote your business."
Lynn D., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (Gymnastics Mississauga) - July 2017

"Thank you so much! Your customer service has exceeded all of my expectations! I will be sure to promote Saucy's World to others! Wow! You guys are incredible!"
Vicki S., Burlington, Ontario, Canada (Gym Magic Gymnastics) - July 2017

"Thanks so much! I really appreciate everything. Have an amazing day."
Anna R., Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastics Club) - May 2017

"I just received my suits today and the size of the leotards and the shorts is great!"
Jaime S., Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada - May 2017

"Suits look great. Lots of complements on them here at the Canada Cup in Calgary."
Don H., Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastics Club) - May 2017

"The suit came today - and it fits!!! She is happy with the length and overall is A LOT more comfortable! Our sincere thanks and appreciation for your speedy help with this!!! The suit is amazing - and now she will be able to wear it training!!!! You are a wonderful company! Thank you for the great customer service!!"
Jillian Y., Paradise, Newfoundland, Canada - April 2017

"You are saints!!"
Carol W., Paradise, Newfoundland, Canada (Gymnastics Newfoundland and Labrador) - April 2017

"Those look amazing"
Gherri B., Burlington, Ontario, Canada (Burlington Gymnastics) - April 2017

"BEYOND perfect!!!! Thank you!"
Catherine K., Burlington, Ontario, Canada (Burlington Gymnastics) - April 2017

"Yes [the custom designed dance shorts] worked tremendously!! Thank you again!"
Eleni A., Scarborough, Ontario, Canada - April 2017

"OMG !!!!!!! I love it !!!!!!!! You're amazing! Thank you so so so much !!!! It's beautiful ! I can't wait to see it on !!"
"I received the suit yesterday and it is beautiful !!!! (My husband even commented how nice it was).... I had an athlete try it on last night (over another suit) and it looks great !!! I am very pleased with the colour and all the bling. We will definitely be going with this suit for our next competitive season. Thank you so very much !!!"

Katie W., York, Ontario, Canada (Cayuga Gymnastics) - February 2017

"I received a shipping notice from Canada Post yesterday... I'm assuming our training suits are on the way. Just wanted to say thank you for working so fast :)... we really appreciate it. We were actually out of some sizes :)"
Beatrice B., Guelph, Ontario, Canada (Guelph Saultos) - February 2017

"We got it! Thanks so much, my daughter is so happy to wear it tomorrow to gymnastics."
Elizabeth H., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (KW Gymnastics) - January 2017

"Just wanted to say thanks for the quick delivery on the order! They arrived today!!!!! Amazing!" 
Jennifer B., Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Toronto Gymnastics International) - January 2017

"You are amazing!! I can't believe how fast you were able to put the order together! The other two suits arrived and [athlete] tried hers on and it fits great!"
Leanne C., Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada (Fort Saskatchewan Gymnastics) - December 2016

"Just confirming that we picked up [athlete's] suit from the post office and it looks and fits amazing :) Thank you!"
Beatrice B., Guelph, Ontario, Canada (Guelph Saultos Gymnastics) - December 2016

"We received our suits on Friday. Thank you! The boys are very happy with them and said they feel really good to wear."
Constance M., Peterborough, Ontario, Canada (Champions Gymnastics) - December 2016

"My daughter LOVES her new suit! She was so excited she even convinced her coach to let her wear it the next day, even though it was training suit day and not her elective suit day! :)" 
Sheryl C., Milton, Ontario, Canada (Milton Springers Gymnastics Club) - November 2016

"That's great; we will be placing the order the week of December 5th. It's always a pleasure working with you." 
Manon G., Timmins, Ontario, Canada (Stella Nova Gymnastics Centre) - November 2016

"Thank you very much!!! Everyone loves the suits in the office." 
Kari P., Brampton, Ontario, Canada (Flower City Gymnastics) - October 2016

"The girls really love your product. The shorts and leotards are beautiful." 
Elonia A., Orleans, Ontario, Canada (Tumblers Gymnastics) - October 2016

"I just wanted to mention that we received [athlete]'s suit last week, and it looks beautiful and she loves it :) Thank you very much!" 
Beatrice B., Guelph, Ontario, Canada (Guelph Saultos Gymnastics) - October 2016

"Just wanted to let you know that we received the suits yesterday and we had [the athlete] trying them on today. They look very good, we like them, the girls like them as well. Thank you so much for everything" 
Cristina M., St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada (St. Thomas-Elgin Gymnastics Club) - September 2016

"Awesome looking leotard with really nice colours. The sizing chart works very well it fits my daughter perfectly. Definitely worth what I paid for it!"
Marie, Trenton, Ontario, Canada (Quinte Bay Gymnastics) - September 2016

"I just want to mention that the new shipment of consignment suits are beautiful and we get lots of compliments from our recreational and competitive members. Also, the training shorts fit perfect, so thank you for your effort in meeting our needs."
Beatrice B., Guelph, Ontario, Canada (Guelph Saultos Gymnastics) - September 2016

"WOW that was super quick. Ordered and shipped within a couple of days. She is so excited. It's her first year!! Thanks again."
Heidi S., Trenton, Ontario, Canada (Quinte Bay Gymnastics) - September 2016

"You can't imagine my surprise when I got home from work yesterday to find the gym suit had already arrived! It is perfect! To say that I am impressed with the customer service and professionalism is an understatement. We will definitely be repeat customers."
Dawn H., Windsor, Ontario, Canada (Winstars Gymnastics) - June 2016

"And it has arrived. Thank you for the prompt turnaround!"
Jodi B., Toronto, Ontario, Canada - December 2015

"WOW!!! You guys are FAST!!! Thank you so much! You guys ROCK!!"
Samantha C., Toronto, Ontario, Canada - November 2015

"Thank you very much again for the new gym suits. Our club looked AWESOME at the qualifier."
Mela G., Burlington, Ontario, Canada (Gym Magic Gymnastics) - November 2015

"I've had all the girls try on their bodysuits and they all fit perfectly!! They LOVE them! Thanks again for all your help and your excellent service! Talk to you again next year."
Michelle G., Neepawa, Ontario, Canada (Neepawa Gymnastics Club) - November 2015

"Wow! That was fast!"
Sherry L., Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastics) - November 2015

"Yes the customer picked up the Phoebe #48 almost immediately. Very happy customer!"
Greg B., Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (Ultimate Gymnastics) - October 2015

"Thanks so much for your help!"
Sarah M., York, Ontario, Canada - October 2015

"I received my leotard today. It is perfect! Thank you so much for everything you did! Have a nice day!"
Genevieve L., Montreal, Quebec, Canada - February 2009

"I LOVE YOUR SUITS! I just recieved my competitive custom design leotard and LOVE IT! Keep the amazing designs rolling!"
Kim M., Windsor, Ontario, Canada (Windsor Vistas Gymnastics) - June 2010

"My new gym suit is EXTREMELY cute and fits wonderfully!”
Kylie H., Dallas, Texas, USA - June 2007

"Hey, the suit is awesome! Thank you so much! I think I will wear it to gym on Tuesday!” 
Lacie L., St. Andrews, Manitoba, Canada - January 2008

"I received the suit yesterday morning and I was very excited. I like your quality! I also liked your quick response and delivery!”
Laura M., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - August 2007

"Those little short and SWATs [Saucys World Athletic Tops] sets are a hit!!"
Alison C., Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Toronto Gymnastics International) - May 2008

"Thanks so much for accommodating our special request. It is going to make a young gymnast very happy!"
Cindy M., Kingston, Ontario, Canada (Kingston Gymnastics) - November 2009

"You guys are FABULOUS!!! Thank you so much!"
Cindy S., London, Ontario, Canada (Forest City Gymnastics) - December 2008

"We received the suits today. They look great!! Thanks so much!"
Glennyce C., Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada (Spruce Grove Aerials) - December 2010

"Thank you so much Chris & Jocelyn - your continued support is graciously accepted! Thank you once again!"
Jacqueline P., Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastics) - November 2008

"Thank you guys for all the extra work you did at our invitational - you helped make it a success! It was also nice to see you sold quite a bit of product! We look forward to seeing you again next year!"
Juanita R., Belleville, Ontario, Canada (Quinte Bay Gymnastics) - March 2009

"We picked the additional consignment up yesterday. They look great! Thanks for sending them so quickly!"
Karen A., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (Revolution Gymnastics) - September 2009

"Last year we had very positive feedback on your product with requests that we have you closer to Christmas. This is why I have slotted you to have your consignment at our location for November, December and January as well!"
Karl B., Orleans, Ontario, Canada (Tumblers Gymnastics) - April 2010

"It continues to be a pleasure working with you guys. Saucy's definitely has the best customer service I've ever encountered!"
Lindsay O., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (Revolution Gymnastics) - October 2008

"Thanks! We appreciate your effort in making a special mail-out for us! Have a wonderful Christmas & great year ahead!"
Rain H., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (Revolution Gymnastics) - December 2009

"It was great to have you at the meet (2012 1st Ontario Cup)! Nice for the athletes to have a beautiful selection of gym wear. If we host another meet, I would DEFINITELY be happy to have you attend! I will recommend you to our "sister clubs" hosting in the future!!! Many thanks for the commission cheque!!!"
Rita B., Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (Skyriders Trampoline) - January 2012

"Thanks for the quick update! We are glad you had a good time this weekend and thank you again for all of your assistance during the meet! That would be great if you could ship the products next week. Thanks again!"
Sharon F., Scarborough, Ontario, Canada (Scarborough Gym Elites) - February 2010

"I REALLY like your suits and know the kids love the fit so this is why I am coming to you first to be the exclusive athletic apparel provider at this year's Eastern Championships."
Sue M., St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada (Cygnus Gymnastics) - March 2009

"Thank you [Saucy's World] It was great having you [at 2012 Tour Select]. We look forward to seeing you in the new year!"
Terri J., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (Gymnastics Mississauga) - November 2012

"Thanks for doing this so quickly for me Chris! You are awesome!!!!"
Tracey P., Beausejours, Manitoba, Canada (Beausejours Elite Gymnastics Club) - August 2011

"Once again thanks for all your support and for making this so very easy for me!"
Val O., Blenheim, Ontario, Canada (Blenheim-Kent Golden Eagles) - December 2012

"Thank you so much for your generous donation to the Barrie Kempettes Gymnastics Club!"
Amanda M., Barrie, Ontario, Canada (Barrie Kempettes) - May 2008

"I'm thrilled that you're willing to work hard for us!"
Amy C., Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada (Smiths Falls Gymnastics) - August 2009

"They are stunning! I'm so impressed wow - love them! Seriously!! Wow this is stunning!! I absolutely love this!! I can't believe what you guys have done with these suits! Thank you!"
Chantel K., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (Manjak’s Gymnastics) - December 2014

"Thank you very much for all your help with our competitive suits. We will forward a photo for you to display on your website. Thanks again!!!"
Cindy H., Glovertown, Newfoundland, Canada (Glovertown Gymnastics) - March 2010

"Yes! Yes! Yes! We would love to have you at our invitational again!"
Connie N., Belleville, Ontario, Canada (Quinte Bay Gymnastics) - January 2010

"Wow these designs are great! I like the wave like design and I do prefer the second version. My next gymnastics practice is on Sunday and I would love to show my fellow coaches and gymnast the designs. I think they will like them! Thank you very much, I am very pleased."
Danielle G., Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (College Notre-Dame) - January 2010

"Good news. We had our parent meeting and we have all decided to have Saucy’s World be our manufacturer for our team bodysuits. The parents & I decided out of 2 other companies that your company had wonderful customer service and dealt with things so far, in a professional manner."
"Just received the bodysuits and they look great!!! Thanks very much. Once we get professional pictures taken, I'll make sure to send one or two to you. Again, thanks very much and we'll be talking again next year for the next group of suits."
"Wow, you guys are amazing! I am impressed that you got our order together so quick! Thanks again Chris and you, too have an amazing summer."
D'Anna M., Bancroft, Ontario, Canada (Bancroft Gems Gymnastics)

"Thanks again for coming out to the club last night. We really appreciate your effort!"
Don H., Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastics) - October 2011

"As usual, you have done a fine job with [the athlete's] suit!"
Eileen S., Timmins, Ontario, Canada (Stella Nova Gymnastics Club) - December 2011

"Thank you very much for your quick reply. It looks like we will be going with Saucy’s World to make our competitive suits. I have put the designs to a "vote" and will let you know which design we will be going with."
"Thanks for the great work!!"
"I'd like to thank you for the quickness in which you delivered the suits. They look great! And I wish you all the best for your upcoming competition!!"
Emelie R., Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (Sudbury Saltos)

"I've received my package with the leotards - they look amazing!”
Holly D., Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom - December 2014

"I wanted to let you know that we have received the body suits today. Thank you so much for all your work and patience. They look great and the girls are very excited. We will be having a mock meet first week of April, I will send you some pictures. Thank you again! Hope to do business with you again."
Holly L., Windsor, Ontario, Canada (Windsor Vistas Gymnastics) - March 2012

"Suit came in and fits perfect! Thanks so much!"
Jeri T., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada (Island Gymnastics) - February 2011

"I got the sample suit and it looks great! I love the cut of the suit and the colours!"
"I love the suits! The girls look amazing in them and they are all very happy with them! It has been a pleasure working with you and hopefully we can get even more orders in!"
"I can definitely put in a good word to the event coordinator about Saucy’s World to be in attendance at our upcoming meet! I'm also pushing for the gym to go to Saucy's World for our team suits for next year."
"I just got the suits! They look great (thanks for making the changes)."
Jess N., London, Ontario, Canada (Forest City Gymnastics)

"[The athlete]'s competitive suit fits great! Everyone just loves them and they look great! Thank you for all your hard work this year I will try to get a team photo to send you."
Jody S., Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada (Sault Ste. Marie YMCA Gymnastics) - May 2011

"Thanks again for all your help, it is very much appreciated!"
"Thanks again, I am really happy with everything, and really appreciate your willingness to help always!"
"THANK YOU for bringing by those Canada suits, and for doing it so quickly and being so nice about it!"
Jonah D., Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Toronto Gymnastics International)

"Oh you guys are awesome! Thanks for getting this done so fast! You guys have been so lovely to work with!"
Kari P., Brampton, Ontario, Canada (City of Brampton) - June 2015

"I picked up the competitive suits this afternoon. I've looked at one and it looks great! I'm sure the girls will be pleased!"
Kathi P., Essex, Ontario, Canada (General Amhurst) - March 2008

"Thank you very much for all your help. You are making this 100 times easier for us!" - March 2010 "That would be perfect! Thanks so much for all of your great work on our interclub leotards! The girls are SO excited!"
Kelsey M., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Hamilton Regionettes) - June 2010

"Thanks so much Chris! The suits look incredible! :) I’ll send some shots of the girls wearing them for sure! So all the girls have tried on their suits and completed a practice in them! They look fantastic! All of them fit like a dream - everyone is super excited!"
Kim B., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (Horizon's Gymnastics) - February 2015

"You're wonderful!! Can't wait to see the suits :)"
"Thank you so much for being so amazing to work with. You are BY FAR the most accommodating, attentive and easy to get along with company we have ever worked with. The girls LOVE their suits... and it was a dream for us administratively :) so a huge THANK YOU to you and your team!"
Laura H., St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada (Cygnus Gymnastics Training Club) - September 2015

"I really want to thank you for the extra time and effort you gave in order to have these suits to us in such a timely manner! Again, please know that your efforts in helping relieve this stressful situation have extended beyond regular customer service and our appreciation cannot possibly begin to be stated in words!!"
Lara M., Beausejour, Manitoba, Canada (Beausejour Elites Gymnastics Club) - January 2012

"You folks are so professional and make it easy to work with... the girls love the design of the suits, it is a GO!"
"Well, we had our first meet and did very well. The suits looked very nice, thanks! PS they did not ride up... Yahoo!!!"
"The bodysuits are amazing!! They all fit!! Thanks again for great suits!!"
Laura M., Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada (Spruce Grove Aerials)

"Looking forward to continuing to do business with you again next season. You and your team have done a great job once again!"
"Uniforms arrived! Everything looks great. Thanks so much for another amazing order. Have a wonderful day!"
Leah S., Belleville, Ontario, Canada (St. Theresa's CSS) - January 2014

"We are doing quite well with your bodysuits. They are great!"
Lindsay O., St. Albert, Alberta, Canada (Dynamyx Gymnastics) - November 2010

"Thank you. It means a lot to me that you could help with this. I will keep in touch with you as well on my progress. Thanks a million!”
Maria C., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (Revolution Gymnastics) - May 2007

"Your company handled our Women's Team suits and they looked just awesome... You guys did a fantastic job for our Women's Team, I just know the Tumbling Team's suits will look just as amazing."
"Thanks for much for your quick responses, I have heard so many good things about you from Nicole and other competitive staff. As I mentioned before the Women’s Competitive Team’s suits look amazing and I am very excited to see the Tumbling Team’s suits as well."
"Thanks so much for all your hard work, it hasn’t gone unnoticed! One of our board members made a comments about how the gym suits looked great for both the Competitive Women’s Team and the Competitive Tumbling Team. Boy you guys are speedy!! I’m going to have my athletes bring their suits in on Sunday and take a picture for your guys with them all together, so you can post it on your website! I look forward to seeing it up there. Thanks again for everything, you guys have been just so great."
"We LOVED the competitive leotards you created for us by the way. They did really well at the competition, as well as looking good, four competed; 1st, 1st, 7th and 6th. Thanks so much for all of your super hard work, We LOVE you guys!"
"Got the gym suit and I've already delivered it to some very pleased parents!! Thanks so much you guys are so awesome!"
Michael P., Windsor, Ontario, Canada (Rose City Gymnastics)

"The suits are awesome! The girls love the fit of the suits, the boys appreciate the changes you made to the cut through the arms and they look very good on everyone. I've really appreciated all the work you guys have done for us and if any feedback from us helps I want to work with you guys as much as possible. Terra will be with me as well and she would like the opportunity to stop in and thank you guys for the suits also. Thanks again! And the suits look awesome. Most of my athletes have told me they are their favourite suits. Both that they have worn and that they have seen at competition!"
"Thank you for all of your work and I appreciate the adjustments you have made! That's everything from me for this year. I look forward to working with you guys again! I'm hoping to be placing orders in September or October for the upcoming season (now that I know which provider I want to work with) and I will be in touch with you then if I need anymore new suits. Talk to you soon. Have an excellent summer!"
Michelle S., Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (Sudbury Laurels)

"The girls are very excited; they love the suit! Thank you so much for the time and care you have put into our long sleeve competitive suits!"
"You guys are angels for making [our competitive leotards and demo training suits] on such short notice! Thank you VERY much!!!"
"Thank-you so much! We really appreciate your help. We look forward to doing more business with you in the future, you will be the first person I contact in August when we order our 'new' competitive and demo suits for the year. Thanks again!"
"You guys are so easy to work with! You take the time to explain how you arrive at your prices for competitive leotards making it easy for us to decide what we want!"
Nicole P., Windsor, Ontario, Canada (Rose City Gymnastics)

"Thanks again for all of your cooperation and hard work [on our competitive suits]!"
Niki L., Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastics) - April 2008

"You guys were a lifesaver!! I can't believe how fast you got our boys competitive wear to us!"
Peter F., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (Revolution Gymnastics) - April 2008

"I talked to the girls and some parents and convinced them that the service we would get from your company will be FAR BETTER than the competition"
"The consignment suits have arrived safe and sound. Tomorrow I hope to sell them all! There are quite a few leotards that are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!"
"Thank you for everything! I can't believe that you have the suits done already!"
"Sorry I have not replied but I was waiting for the official gymnastic club pictures to be ready, so I can send you one and you could see how terrific the suits look. So stay tuned it will be in the mail shortly P.S. The suits are really awesome! Best suits we have ever had!!!"
"We had a competition a few weeks back and got a lot of compliments on our suits. Shared with a few coaches about the suits and our wonderful experience with you, so I hope you will get a few more calls from central Alberta!"
Ria H., Olds, Alberta, Canada (Olds Gymnastics)

"Thanks very, very much! I can't wait to see them!"
Richelle C., Windsor, Ontario, Canada (University of Windsor Cheerleading) - January 2011

"Thank you for your quick turnaround! She is very happy with her suit!"
Robert H., Chicago, Illinois, USA (Jones College Prep) - January 2014

"Again, we appreciate everything you two have brought to our gym"
Susie V., Windsor, Ontario, Canada (Rose City Gymnastics) - February 2007

"As well great job on the suits, I think they are fantastic!!"
Terra D., Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (Sudbury Laurels) - January 2010

"Your tool that you provided us for tracking your consignment inventory is so simple for our administration... a five year old can do this!"
"I truly appreciate your company's efforts to get these singlets, shorts and boys longs to us. To be honest, it really saves my butt."
"I received the singlets on Monday and had some of my boys try them on last night....they fit great! Thanks again for everything!"
"Once again, I would like to thank you for all your hard work and the exceptional quality of your product. We will certainly look at continuing our partnership with you again starting in September!"
"Just wanted to let you know that we received the package today... Thanks so much for getting the suits to us in time!"
Trip L., Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada (Kingswood Gymnastics)

"You guys are awesome! Thank you. The gymnastics suit arrived in my mailbox today. It’s gorgeous. Our granddaughter will be thrilled."
Pat M., New Dundee, Ontario, Canada - October 2014

"Yes, yes, yes, and thank you. The suits arrived as you said and they are perfect! The girls love them!!! I am very excited for August and to get started on the consignment order. I will contact you then and get it going. Thanks for everything."
"We are really enjoying having your suits in the gym! All the gymnasts love them. Thank you so much. We would like assorted sizes and assorted colors of shorts. Once again thank you so much and we will be talking to you soon!"
"We would like to thank you for the opportunity to have such beautiful [consignment] suits in our club. The girls love them! Hope you have a great day and we look forward to seeing a new box arrive :)"
"Thank you for your great service and wonderful suits!"
"I love your suits and we cannot wait for a new shipment. Thank you for a wonderful service!"
Becky S., Smithers, British Columbia, Canada (Smithers Saltos Gymnastics)

"I was informed last night that those suits you made last year are so fabulous they want 4 more." "Thanks so much again for your prompt service. It is always a pleasure and a breeze."
Lindsay O., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (Dynamyx Gymnastics) - April 2013

"Thank you for the information! Great service as always!"
Manon G., Timmins, Ontario, Canada (Stella Nova Gymnastics) - February 2013

"She just tried on her outfit and she looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!"
Vicky - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (Kids SuperGym Mississauga) - April 2012

"I got the shipment today [of your consignment]. I love your stuff! I sure look forward to the customer’s reactions!"
"This is our first day open at our new location. I just wanted to let you know that we got the shipment and are putting it out today. Thanks again!"
Angelina L., Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

"I love your design display feature. It makes it so much easier to picture perspective suit designs and make adjustments before the suit is made. We both know that a picture isn't always what you get when designing suits and this feature takes the guess work out of what works and what doesn't."
"Thanks for the quick adjustments and turn around. Everyone was happy and had good results."
Angela B., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (Revolution Gymnastics) - June 2007

"Thanks for always touching base with me, and keeping me up to date. I will be in contact with you soon, for possible competitive suits." - November 2009 "We love the competitive suits ...thx a bunch!"
Anne-Marie C., Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (Jungle Gym Gymnastics) - April 2010

"Thank you so much... that is very generous of you! I will make sure you receive full credit for this. It’s shaping up to be a larger than expected meet!"
"As for the recreational suits just some comments and feedback from the customers: quality of the suits is excellent, love the shorts!"
"Thank you so sending me the competitive suits so fast!"
Christine O., Clarington, Ontario, Canada (Clarington Gymnastics) - December 2009

"Thank you for coming to our invitational meet this year... we look forward to seeing you again next year!!"
Juanita R., Belleville, Ontario, Canada (Quinte Bay Gymnastics) - April 2008

"We LOVE the design you put together for our girls!"
Lauren M., Brampton, Ontario, Canada (Adrenaline Gymnastics) - September 2010

"Sales this month have been great!! Lots of little suits sold! The parent’s love that there is now somewhere local to get nice suits and they like that the club gets something out of it too."
Leanne C., Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada (Fort Gymnastics) - September 2013

"You guys have been so fantastic to deal with thank you for making this so simple!"
"I also really appreciate you guys coming down to help us out it was great to have you there and you both are so supportive of our club and it is just so great! Thank you again!"
Nicole L., Blenheim, Ontario, Canada (Blenheim Golden Eagles Gymnastics) - November 2014

"You guys didn't have to help clean the gym before the meet... you are here to sell leotards! Thank you VERY much!"
Pat N., Gloucester, Ontario, Canada (GCGC) - June 2008

"I want to kindly thank you for the competition suits. I love the design and a few have tried them on and the fit is great!"
Paula L., Brampton, Ontario, Canada (All Star Sports Centre) - November 2012

"As a previous sewer, I see that your leotards are WELL made!"
Sandra P., Brampton, Ontario, Canada (Adrenaline Gymnastics) - September 2010

"Thank you very much...[she] is very happy with her outfit!!!"
Adrienne C., Rusagonis, New Brunswick, Canada - October 2008

"[she]has not seen her new gym suit yet... it's going under the Christmas tree!! Have a Merry Christmas"
Amanda J., Trenton, Ontario, Canada - December 2008

"They arrived! They look better than I hoped! I can't wait for my two to get home from school and to give [athlete] hers for her birthday next weekend! Sooo excited. Thanks again!"
Amy W., Gibbons, Alberta, Canada (Dynamyx Gymnastics) - April 2013

"I cannot believe the excellent customer service! I will definitely be spreading the word!"
Angela T., Weston, New Brunswick, Canada (River Valley Gymnastics) - December 2012

"I received the package today. And all I can say is WOW! WOW! WOW! The suits are beautiful!"
Anita P., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - October 2009

"[my daughter] tried on the suit last night and it fits so much better now. I appreciate your assistance in having this done for me."
Anna G., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (Adrenaline Gymnastics) - March 2011

"Your suits are the prettiest we've ever seen and we think you're going to be a huge success."
Barbara C., Newmarket, Ontario, Canada (Gymnastics Mississauga) - August 2009

"Love the website! [My daughter] is showing all her gym-friends and they love the shots!"
Barbara C., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (Gymnastics Mississauga) - September 2009

"Your ordering process is painless!"
"Perfect -- thank you very much!!!"
Beth M., Olds, Alberta, Canada (Olds Gymnastics) - January 2009

"Thank you very much. I will most definitely be reordering through your company as service has been excellent!"
Bianca A., Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada (Campia Gymnastics) - January 2014

"I just wanted to let you know that Tyler said his new suit and pants fit perfectly! Thanks again."
Brenda C., Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Manjak's Gymnastics) - January 2015

"...finding gym suits in Canada that look good and being able to find your size is great!"
Brenda H., Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastics) - March 2007

"The new top fits great, [she] can't wait until Sunday to wear it. She wanted to sleep in it. Crazy kid! Thanks… One gym top and shorts… cost $60.00… the smile on my daughter's face… PRICELESS!”
Bridgette R., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (Futures Gymnastics) - October 2007

"Just wanted to let you know that my daughter loves the leotard and has been wearing it 3 days in a row this week for gymnastics camp! Thanks so much for making sure [she] got this in time for Christmas!"
Carole S., Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Toronto Gymnastics Institute) - January 2008

"I just wanted to take this special opportunity to share my excitement about the new Saucy's World. As a mom of a long time competitive gymnast in Texas it is extremely important to my daughter and myself that the leotards and apparel she wears has its own unique style, fabric and 100% quality to them. The team girls just love them as they are absolutely beautiful! Any gymnast would be so proud to own an original from the leader in one of a kind gymnastics apparel and I can honestly say that if you’re looking for something that is out of this world, look no further than Saucy's World as no other leo will do. Please feel free to share this with others as I love the wonderful customer service and creativity you provide. It is extremely appreciated!"
Caroline M., McKinney, Texas, USA (Zenith Gymnastics) - February 2007

"Thanks so much! [she] loved it! She wore it for training yesterday, it fit great, and she said it was very comfortable. Thanks again!"
Carolyn Q., Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastics) - September 2013

"Thanks for following up. We received the suit last week and my daughter loves it! She wore it to gymnastics yesterday."
Carolyn W., St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada - October 2008

"Thanks, that's fantastic! I had a really hard time deciding between your designs. My daughter will be thrilled. Great website, thanks again!"
Catherine S., Montreal, Quebec, Canada - May 2007

"[she] had it laid out carefully at her bedside ready for this afternoon’s training session ever since she tried it on on Friday. It looks great and both Mom and daughter are thrilled!”
Catherine S., Montreal, Quebec, Canada - May 2007

"I just wanted to let you know that my daughter loved her suit. Thank-you for sending it directly to us!" - September 2012 "Thanks so much for the suits. My daughter loves them. We were on holidays and she got a nice surprise when we returned home today. She loves them!"
Cathy A., Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Altadore Gymnastics) - August 2013

"Thanks again for the gymsuit - gorgeous as usual! You guys are great :)"
"They are stunning! Thanks so much!"
Chantel K., Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastics Club) - December 2012

"The girls are going to look so beautiful in these and love, love, love the suits :)"
Cheryl T., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (Manjak’s Gymnastics) - December 2014

"I received my daughter’s leotard on Friday and it looks awesome! Thanks again”
Cindy H., Brampton, Ontario, Canada (Brampton Gymnastics) - March 2007

"Thanks to you both for all of your help! We received [her] suit back and it fits much better! Thanks for your service!"
Dawne R., Clarington, Ontario, Canada (Clarington Gymnastics) - January 2010

"We have purchased some items from you and let me just say that they are fantastic and my daughter loves them!"
Denis G., Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Stampede City Gymnastics) - February 2010

"I wanted you to know that I just received the gym suits. My daughter's suits look great! Can't wait to let them wear it to the gym. Thanks alot"
Denise B., Windsor, Ontario, Canada (Windsor Vistas) - March 2010

"My daughter wore her new top and shorts to training today, she absolutely loves them. Thank you so much!"
Diana J., Barrie, Ontario, Canada (Barrie Kempettes) - January 2008

"This is a thank you note. I just received [my daughter's] new leotard, and she loves it. The fit was perfect and so was the delivery. You made it very easy and I thank you for that seeing I don't normally order off the internet. It is rare that you find a company that bends over backwards to make the customer happy..."
Donna T., Foxboro, Ontario, Canada (Quinte Bay Gymnastics) - March 2007

"We love them! The material is beautiful; the fit is beautiful! They are truly comfort wear. You guys are going to make it big with quality merchandise like that. Kudos!”
Georgie V., Cambridge, Ontario, Canada - May 2007

"Thanks for your dedication in completing this order with such a short deadline!"
Ian L., Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastics) - December 2011

"I received the shorts on Tuesday, thank you very much for getting them back so quickly! They are perfect! Thank you for all of your help. We’ll definitely look at ordering things again!"
Jacquie W., Amherstview, Ontario, Canada - June 2008

"(she) wore her suit to gymnastics and thoroughly enjoyed herself. She even wore it under her clothes for the rest of the day!”
Jamie H., Calgary, Alberta, Canada - February 2007

"They look beautiful! Thanks again, and everyone at work is impressed with the [competitive] suits!”
Jayne C., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastics) - July 2007

"OMIGOSH!!! It is stunning! I just showed [my daughter] and she was in love with the suit! I will be pleased to meet you both and thank you personally for the wonderful gift you have in creating such beautiful outfits."
Jeanette W., Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastics Club) - December 2012

"Thank you very much for getting my daughter's competitive suit together! I realize that this was very short notice."
Jennifer C., Coburg, Ontario, Canada - November 2009

"Thanks again for dropping off the suits. [she] wore one today for training and received much admiration, they are both beautiful and fit very well."
Jennifer K., Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Toronto Gymnastics International) - September 2011

"Thank you so much for the quick response. I really do appreciate it. Everything I’ve purchased I am extremely happy with. Your company will have me for a customer as long [my daughter] is in gymnastics."
Jerri S., Windsor, Ontario, Canada (Rose City Gymnastics) - February 2008

"My daughter LOVES her new suits (I bought 2 suits and also a 2 piece suit). It’s hard to get her to take them off! She thinks that she should wear them for everything."
Jessica M., Barrie, Ontario, Canada (Barrie Kempettes) - September 2008

"Just a short note to say that we got my daughter leotard and she loves it! It fits her really well and molds to her body for a perfect fit. We have had lots of fantastic comments at dance and gymnastic classes about the suit!"
Jodi P., Legal, Alberta, Canada - November 2007

"Trust me, it was a tough decision as she loves all the gymnastics suits that you have. Keep them coming!”
Judy L., Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastics) - March 2007

"The competitive leotards that you made are gorgeous suits... the girls love them!!"
Julie B., Windsor, Ontario, Canada (Rose City Gymnastics) - January 2009

"I received the suit yesterday, it fits like a glove my daughter loves it. I'm sure you will hear from us again when the next suit is required!! Thanks again!"
Julie M., Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - June 2008

"WOW, what great customer service! Thanks again, Saucy's World! Hats off to you!"
Kelli O., Weston, New Brunswick, Canada (River Valley Gymnastics) - December 2012

"Many thanks... it's beautiful. And very sweet of you to put in a birthday card for my daughter. I will certainly recommend Saucy’s World to anyone who is looking for an outfit with excellent service!!!"
Kerri F., London, Ontario, Canada (Forest City Gymnastics) - October 2007

"Today my daughter received the beautiful Galaxy #63 suit that you sewed up in a jiffy. Thank you so much for getting it to her so quickly, even if that wasn’t really necessary. It fits beautifully and she is looking forward to wearing it at her next practice!"
Kimberley H., Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Toronto Gymnastics International) - May 2014

"Wow! I greatly appreciate it."
Larry M., Burlington, Ontario, Canada (Burlington Gymnastics) - March 2014

"I appreciate all of your efforts in getting the suit to [the gym]. Everyone has been fantastic! I truly appreciate it…We can’t wait to pick it up… Thanks again!"
Laura E., Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Toronto Gymnastics International) - October 2009

"[she] LOVES her new suit! I will get some pics of her in it when she starts gymnastics again in the fall & forward them to you."
Laurie S., Toronto, Ontario, Canada - August 2009

"I am pleased to say that we just received the new Monkey leotard that we ordered and my daughter is pleased as punch! We are more than a happy customer! Thank you VERY much!!!"
Lori C., Kingston, Ontario, Canada (Kingston Gymnastics) - August 2009

"We received the package from Canada Post on the Tuesday. [She] LOVES the shorts! They fit perfect and she is delighted. She is the only one at the gym club with pink shorts. Have a great day!"
Lori M., Peterborough, Ontario, Canada - March 2009

"I just sent out a notice to my friends today about the Fu suit. There seems to be some excitement. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on the leo. Thanks for your enthusiasm to create this unique leo for our special girls! It has been wonderful working with you!"
"Sorry it has taken me so long to say, THANK YOU! [My daughter] LOVES her new gym bag and water bottle. We appreciate the GREAT customer service you showed in getting the gym shorts fixed promptly and hand delivering them AND providing us with the gracious gifts. That was super! I have been talking about your great customer service to my friends!"
"WOW!! What super customer service! Thank you so much!"
Lynne J., Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastic Club)

"Wow! Great feature sending me the picture of my daughter’s competitive suit before you made it! It looks great, I can't wait to see it finished!”
"[her] suit looked great at Elite Ontario on Saturday – and she ended up coming in 5th overall - which means she goes to the Easterns in May!”
Lynne M., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (Revolution Gymnastics) - April 2007

"I am going to order suits for my two daughters. I know your quality is great as our gym had some of you suits on display last year."
Mandy C., Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada (Kingswood Gymnastics) - January 2010

"The suits are great and the service is great!"
Marianne M., Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Toronto Gymnastics International) - September 2007

"We got the gym suit and my daughter says that it fits and looks great. Thank you for the fast delivery also."
Mark G., Windsor, Ontario, Canada (Rose City Gymnastics) - February 2007

"I must say that they are better looking than on the website and the size 12 fits my daughter perfect! She was so excited to open the package and see what was inside. Although she has just started her gymnastic journey at the age of 9, I am sure that you will be getting to know us very well as [she] grows like a weed. Keep up the great work!!"
Mary-Ann S., Navan, Ontario, Canada (Tumblers Gymnastics) - June 2010

"I wanted to thank you for the great pants for [my daughter]. She LOVES them! They match her room too, so what more could a kid ask for in pajamas!!!”
Michele S., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - October 2007

"Your prices are AMAZING... I was expecting to pay more!"
Michelle C., Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada - April 2009

"All of the selections are amazing - I can't narrow my selection down to just one! Please send me a Jupiter 13 and a Neptune #11 for my daughter (size 16). Just let me know the adjustment to my balance. Thank you for the great customer service!"
"Got the package the next day WOW!!! I love what I purchased now it is up to my daughter - will let you know after Christmas!"
"She LOVES her suits!!”
Monique R., Nepean, Ontario, Canada - December 2009

"I think your customer service has been exceptional! I appreciate the follow up phone call and the email. It is nice to know that you are wanting to hear feedback from your customers. My daughter really likes the suits! The addition of the 'scrunchies' for her hair really made an impact. It was a little added feature that will set your company apart from the rest. Thanks!! Overall, shipping was quick, the suits are beautiful and reasonably priced. Your website makes ordering easier and the measurements to determine size are accurate. I'll definitely be looking to purchase more in the coming years!"
"I think the suit is fantastic - love the style and colours!! Please send the others out as soon as they are ready. And thanks once again for the amazing service!!"
"She loves the suits that I just ordered!"
Nancy T., Keewatin, Ontario, Canada

"You really are amazing! I owned a dance studio for 10 years and had to deal with many costume and apparel companies in Canada and the U.S. You have surpassed my customer service expectations! Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!"
Natalie C., Nepean, Ontario, Canada (Tumbler's Gymnastics) - May 2015

"Thank you sooooo much for your efforts to get the leotards done in time. This is my daughter's first competition and she is very excited to have a new suit for the event! Your excellent customer service and quick turnaround are greatly appreciated!"
Natalie J., Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastics Club) - December 2011

"Just thought we'd touch base with you and let you know that we love the new suits! They look great and they are a lot more comfortable for [her]! ...thanks again for your quick service! We really appreciate it!"
Pam B., Kingston, Ontario, Canada (Kingston Gymnastics) - July 2008

"You are terrific and talented I might add."
Peter J., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - August 2009

"The two of you should be so proud of yourselves. You two are both successful and really show how perseverance can really pay off! I'm really proud to know you and the success the two of you are both sharing!"
Ramona L., Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada - January 2010

"Thanks to your beautiful suit, my daughter placed FIRST overall... three golds and one silver - THANK YOU!"
Sharon - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (Gymnastics Mississauga) - March 2013

"Looks awesome! Great job Chris and Jocelyn! Can't wait to see it on the girls :)"
Sheila L., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (Manjak’s Gymnastics) - December 2014

"The suits arrived and were an instant hit!! Thank you so much for putting up with our mis-sizing fiasco, the extra customer care is very much appreciated. We'll be back!!"
Shelley T., Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada - June 2009

"Your shorts are the best quality bar none! I won't buy anyone else’s shorts for my daughters. They wash well and the fit is perfect!"
Sherri V., Barrie, Ontario, Canada (Barrie Kempettes) - August 2008

"I thought you might be interested to hear what some of us moms' said about your gymnastics suit outfit line. They were all very impressed. I purchased the army designed gym suit and I found out at training Tues. night that three other moms on our team ordered the same outfit. Fantastic!! Keep up the unique and fun designs and I would love to purchase more of your product throughout the year!"
Sonja H., Barrie, Ontario, Canada (Northern Stars Gymnastics) - February 2007

"Thank you very much for the suit! We love the colour and it even has room for him to grow. Thanks again!"
Susan M., Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastics) - July 2007

"Thank you again for a wonderful job on the singlets. My boys love them and say that they are very comfortable and cool. They love being unique!!" 
Susan M., Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastics) - January 2008

"Yes, we received the gymnastics leotards, and thank you for the prompt delivery! She will not be receiving the outfits until her birthday so I will let you know the results after that weekend. The suits look fabulous though, and I'm looking forward to seeing your new designs …"
"(she) absolutely loves her 3 new outfits! She says they’re very comfortable and the materials are fun! We’ll be in touch for more in the near future."
Suzanne K., Orillia, Ontario, Canada (Mariposa Gymnastics) - April 2007

"Wow that is wonderful! Can’t believe it will be done today. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Sylvie L-R., Timmins, Ontario, Canada (Stella Nova Gymnastics) - April 2012

"Wow that looks great. She will definitely be pleased!"
Tammy N., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (Manjak’s Gymnastics) - December 2014

"We look forward to purchasing some of your gym suits this year. You have great designs and the prices are very reasonable"
Teresa B., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (Futures Gymnastics) - April 2007

"She loves the gym suit and has already picked out other styles for next year to ask you to make. Once again, I appreciate the extra time and care you took to make it in such short notice. Customer service above and beyond!”
Teresa S., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (Futures Gymnastics) - April 2007

"The gym suit is great, in fact it's my daughters favorite!"
Todd C., Windsor, Ontario, Canada (Rose City Gymnastics) - April 2007

"We have several of Saucy’s World gym suits and my daughter just loves them all! She finds them very comfortable and loves the fresh new designs. The suits wash very well. I like Saucy’s World especially because of their excellent customer service, I've found them to be extremely helpful and patient especially when it comes to designing custom suits. Also they are very flexible and accommodating but most of all they make you feel welcome and not just another dollar. Once my daughter started to wear her suits to her gym others loved them and news of Saucy’s World has certainly spread. Everyone has come back to me with all the same positive feedback! I also recently saw some Competitive suits they did and they were absolutely beautiful, they'll certainly be my choice and my daughter's choice for all suits!"
Tracy L., Georgetown, Ontario, Canada (Oakville Gymnastics) - April 2007

"I have to put myself on a budget...you have too many nice suits to choose from!"
Tracy R., Cambridge, Ontario, Canada - July 2008

"It is so convenient to have a great quality [consignment] suit available right at the gym! And your checklist was also very simple! Thanks for making things easy for me!"
Val O., Blenheim, Ontario, Canada (Blenheim Golden Eagles Gymnastics) - October 2012

"Thank you so much!! WONDERFUL service!!!"
Valerie F., Didsbury, Alberta, Canada - October 2009

"I would just like to say THANK YOU for the gorgeous suit you made for [my daughter] for WAGS. Everyone loves the suit and most importantly [she] loves it. She is very excited to show it off to the World! It is an extra special original suit that [she] loves to share with everyone."
"Just showed [her] the suit...she LOVES LOVES it... she is dancing beside me with excitement!"
"Thanks for such great customer service!"
Wendy S., Milton, Ontario, Canada (Milton Springers Gymnastics) - April 2013

"I appreciate the fact that you stand behind your product! It is a nice change from the way MOST companies treat their customers! I will be sure to tell the other moms how great you guys are and I hope to see you at the meets this year!"
"My daughter was thrilled! Thanks again for your commitment to quality! It means a lot to me that a company like yours would do so much for one gymnast, just to make her happy! She wears the suit with pride! Thanks again!"
Yvonne G., Barrie, Ontario, Canada (Barrie Kempettes) - November 2009

"Thank you for the wonderful service, we will definitely be back!"
Sue W., Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada (Owen Sound Satellites) - April 2014

"Thanks Saucy's World! It's been a pleasure working with you, as always! Enjoy the holiday season and we'll be in touch in the future."
Angie H., Windsor, Ontario, Canada (LaSalle Secondary School) - December 2012

"My bodysuits just came in now and they are beautiful!! Thank you very much to you and Jocelyn. We definitely will be talking again next season (November). Have a fantastic summer!"
"I just wanted to send you some pictures of my team wearing the body suit and winning the gold. They turned out very nice. Thank you again for your patience and great service!"
Danielle G., Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (College Notre-Dame) - May 2010

"Thank you very much for the quick delivery. Thanks for your business and wonderful responses. We will surely recommend your company to our friends and co-workers."
"We received your shipment of uniforms today. They look absolutely beautiful; we couldn't be happier! Thanks so much for your professionalism and support. When I get pics taken, I will send some off to you at Saucy's World."
"Thanks Chris for the uniforms. They arrived Friday (perfect timing before we attend a tournament on Tuesday). Thanks again for the rush on this order and your professionalism in this matter. Our girls look great. I will send you off some pics of the girls in their uniforms when we get going. We will be very happy to continue our business with you next year when we have a new bunch of girls on the team."
"Awesome. Thanks so much! It's so great doing business with you. You are the best!"
Leah S. Belleville, Ontario, Canada (St. Theresa Catholic Secondary School)

"Seriously Chris, that is amazing!"
Michelle H., Kincardine, Ontario, Canada (Kincardine High School) - March 2015

"WOW and I mean WOW!! Thank you for such speedy service! This is amazing. Could you do me a favour? Could you include in the shipment a few business cards? If the suits look that good I would love to be a touring advertisement for your company!! When we go to our meets I will pass out business cards to anyone who asks about our new suits."
"Many thanks again! The suits are wonderful!! It has been great doing business with you, looking forward to next year as well. I have the business cards in my purse ready to hand out, hope it drums up business for you!"
Sue F., Belleville, Ontario, Canada (Moira S.S.) - February 2010